In a nutshell:

We get your hotel, resort or bed & breakfast booked up.

How I transform hotels from overwhelmed to seriously booked.

With my proven marketing and revenue process.

Even if your competition ‘seems to be’ doing great … and if deciding on your rooms rates makes you want to pull your hair out. The right marketing and revenue strategies will boost your revenue and have you feeling calm about pricing without the bottle of whiskey every night (no judgement here).

No more lowering your rates last minute after you’ve checked room rates against every hotel near you. With a powerful marketing and revenue system, the right customers will come again and again, despite any new pop-up Airbnb’s.

Here’s how:

Our five pillars to hotel marketing success:

By addressing each of these areas in your business, I can grow your hotel’s reputation and revenue.

Hotel Sales and Marketing

Rate Strategy, Revenue Growth and Management

Hotel Sales Representation

Brand Development, Web and Print Design

Social Media Marketing and PR

Here’s the breakdown of each key pillar, one by one.

Hotel Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing are the #1 driver of revenue and, ultimately, keeping guests walking through the doors (and asking what time check out is.). Keeping up to date with all things hospitality and tourism related is a full time gig.

Updates in technology alone can turn anyones hair grey, overnight. I can tailor any package to suit your individual business needs. From industry news and updates to technology, we offer the best information amid the sea of Google “How To’s” and advice.

Rate Strategy, Revenue Growth and Management

Expedia and can become a stressful space for constant checks on competition & questioning your own price structure.

To maximize ongoing profit, a pre-set price structure based on planned-demand and other factors is vital to successful hotel revenue management. Your effective hotel rate strategy will be customised to your unique place in the market, based on:
– The ideal market (leisure, business, group bookings)
– Competitive products & add ons
– Pricing itself

Using historical data, current trends and forecasted demand, we can create a plan that has you breathing easy with guests en route to booking.

Hotel Sales Representation

It’s time to sell more – in less hours (so you have time to focus on other business activities, spend time with the family or – hey – catch up on sleep! No, really though.)

My list of experts have a niche in promoting hotels to the right markets. We’ll be standing by, like a waiter with a water pitcher, to direct sell through:
– Wholesale (domestic and international)
– Local travel agents
– Travel management companies
– The professional conference, meetings, incentives and exhibitions market

Brand Development, Web and Print Design

I’m here to support a brand that you (and your happy-to-pay customers) love. After getting to know your unique brand & niche, you get to work with the best creatives around the globe. Built on strategy, get excited for A-list:
– Branding
– Graphic design
– Copywriting
– Digital and web design / development

Every single creative & branding piece is driving your goals forward. Whether you need to create or refresh your hotel brand, develop sales and marketing material or build a highly engaging website, we have your back.

Social Media Marketing

Instagram, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Google…the online and social media world, when used right, are vital to your hotel’s success.

To position your brand online with continuous raving fans, we:
– Develop a strategy and manage your profiles with consistent, relevant content
– Connecting with ambassadors to amplify your message and
– Interacting with your target audience to build long-lasting relationships

To really shake the (money) tree, we (meaning, me and my go to social media experts) can also tackle social media advertising services – a highly targeted solution to gaining more enquiries, leads, subscribers and bookings which ultimately results in revenue growth. Oh the power of the internet.

In 30 minutes, see your revenue gaps and possibilities – at no cost.

To kickstart your hotel’s stress-relieving growth, let’s hop on a call. In this session, share anything on your mind or current business stress with me. I’ll ask questions and offer initial feedback. From there, if it’s a good fit, I’ll recommend a custom package! Book your reservation (oh hotel puns!) at a time good for your schedule below.